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Warehousing Services


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Business Agency

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Airport, Port, Warehouse Pickup and Delivery

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Local Logistics and Transportation Delivery

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Logistics Planning















456 ordering platform has been officially launched


A complete order management system often requires more than 100,000 or more money to establish, and this expenditure is believed to discourage most SMEs.
What's more, there are very few companies that purchase an expensive system, but can use all the functions 100%.
As a logistics and warehousing solution provider, we not only provide transportation services, but also hope to provide solutions and consulting services centered on logistics and warehousing, and support our customers in many ways. Therefore, we take this opportunity to launch our own developed ordering platform for customers to use.



456 Logistics Limited 榮獲由 Business Innovator 主辦的2022年度創新商業方案大獎 - 年度最優秀物流倉儲解決方案。
由 CEO 黃頌賢先生及 GM 王永健先生為大家介紹456 Logistics的經營理念及原則,並冀望將來為更多客戶提供優質的服務




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About Us

456 LOGISTICS LIMITED is a warehouse and logistics company formed by members from different professional sectors in Hong Kong.


To ensure efficient and secure operations at every stage of transportation, our employees at 456 LOGISTICS undergo professional training and have a thorough understanding of operational procedures for various types of goods. We are equipped with state-of-the-art transportation equipment, aiming to provide the most reliable and efficient logistics services to our clients.