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Transshipment and Import/Export of Goods

456 Logistics is a professional warehousing and logistics company that offers not only general warehousing and logistics solutions but also transshipment and import/export services.


In particular, we would like to highlight our transshipment and import/export of goods services.


Our transshipment and import/export services cover the transportation of goods from and to destinations worldwide, including air freight, sea freight, land transportation, and multimodal transportation.


Whether you require import or export of goods, we can provide you with comprehensive logistics solutions to ensure the safe, timely, and fast delivery of your goods to their destination.


Within our transshipment and import/export services, we also offer a range of value-added services, including:

Customs clearance: Our professional customs clearance team can handle all the necessary customs procedures to ensure smooth clearance of your goods, reducing your concerns.

Cargo insurance: Our cargo insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your goods, ensuring the best protection during transportation.

Inventory management: We offer advanced inventory management systems to provide comprehensive inventory management services, enabling precise management and efficient operations of your goods.

Integrated logistics services: We can provide customers with complete logistics solutions, including consolidation, storage, picking, packaging, transportation, customs clearance, and distribution, among other comprehensive logistics services.

Our transshipment and import/export services aim to provide customers with higher quality, more comprehensive, and professional logistics services, allowing them to engage in international trade with ease and expand their market reach.