456 ordering platform has been officially launched

A complete order management system often requires more than 100,000 or more money to establish, and this expenditure is believed to discourage most SMEs.
What's more, there are very few companies that purchase an expensive system, but can use all the functions 100%.
As a logistics and warehousing solution provider, we not only provide transportation services, but also hope to provide solutions and consulting services centered on logistics and warehousing, and support our customers in many ways. Therefore, we take this opportunity to launch our own developed ordering platform for customers to use.
456 Ordering System is an easy-to-use, cost-effective self-service ordering system. We focus on some main functions and remove other unnecessary ones to reduce costs. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to choose in the early and mid-term development.
It can help most small and medium-sized enterprises that are still in the development stage to obtain a systematic order management platform at low cost, and concentrate funds more on the direction of development. This is also the operating purpose of 456 Logistics "customer first; create a win-win situation".


The benefits of concentrating logistics, warehousing, and ordering systems on the same service provider include:
- No need to contact/contact with multiple parties to complete the entire process, self-management throughout the process, reducing unnecessary manpower and time costs
- Concentrating on one service provider can make the product awareness consistent and reduce the occurrence of low awareness problems such as wrong goods

The self-service ordering platform developed and managed by 456 Logistics cooperates with our warehousing and logistics solutions. The services include but are not limited to:
- Inbound and outbound management
- Inventory Cycle Report
- Calculate payment
- Collection of money
- order management
- Professional logistics distribution (dry/frozen)
- Professional storage
- Pickup and delivery at airports, docks, and major warehouses

Welcome customers from all walks of life who are interested in warehousing logistics services and self-service ordering platforms to come to consult or browse our company's website for more information!